Sea Gooseberry (Pleurobrachia pileus)

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Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Ctenophora
Class: Tentaculata
Oder: Cydippida
Family: Pleurobrachiidae
Genus: Pleurobrachia
Species: Pleurobrachia pileus

  • The Sea Gooseberry has a small round jelly-like body with two long slender tentacles that are coated with a sticky substance.
  • Tentacles are fringed on one side which can extend over 20 times body length or retract completely.
  • Swimming and eating the tentacles will fully retract and swing their tentacles with rows of cilia along the sides of the body.
  • As the hairs of the cilia are beating green, orange and blue are some of the colors that shimmer across the surface since the sea gooseberry is transparent.
  • Can become 1 1/8" (28 mm) high and 1" (25 mm) wide
  • Pharynx, stomach and its branches, and tentacles and sheaths white, pink, yellow, or orange-brown.

  • Sea gooseberries are located near shore where they travel in large swarms to considerable depth.

  • Although they are worldwide they are most commonly found in Maine to Florida and Texas.

  • They are carnivores who feed on zooplankton, particularly copepods, and other sea gooseberries.
  • Moon jelly

  • They are hermaphroditic and engage in sexual reproduction.

Life Span:
  • Sea gooseberries have short lifespans. They live from four to six months.

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Sea Gooseberr
ARKive video - Sea gooseberry catching particles on tentacles